Folk Textiles

The Musée culturel du Mont-Carmel has a large collection of domestic and everyday textiles, including linen cloths, cotton matrimonial bedsets, christening gowns, woolen blankets, catalogne (bed rugs), floor runners, regional hand woven carpets, hooked rugs, hand made lace, and fine linens.

Our collection also includes artifacts for making textiles such as looms, yarn winders, bobbin racks, hetchels, fibre washing churns, flax brakes, and double tredle spinning wheels. Unless otherwise noted, the provenance of textiles is the St. John Valley (some of our outstanding pieces are also from Québec). A precise or approximate date will be included only if known.

We are pleased to feature a selection from our collection.

Catalogne (woven floor runner): Cotton; warp is of colored threads, creating a common plaid-like design. Catalognes were typically used as floor runners. Photo: DP Catalogne (woven floor runner): Cotton. Photo: DP Woven blanket: Medium, Wool; detail of traditional design of wool blanket in the St. John Valley. Photo: DP Collection of blankets and catalognes: Wool and cotton with traditional Acadian and Québecois handwoven designs. Photo: DP
Woven blanket: Wool. Photo: TOH Woven blanket: Wool. Photo: TOH