Religious Artifacts

The Musée culturel du Mont-Carmel has an extensive collection of religious artifacts from the former parish of Notre-Dame du Mont-Carmel as well as many items from other churches throughout the region, including the province of Québec.

When the former church was donated in 1984 its entire contents were also donated – a rare occurrence when churches are decommissioned. Items include altar cloths, banners, lace work, vestments, child’s altar, sepulcher, collection of grave stones, a charcoal burner used to heat the priest in front of the altar while he said mass, host makers, braided palm leaves, statuettes, devotional bullets (a small statue of Saint Anne contained in a bullet case for soldiers in WWI), rosaries, religious medals, scapulars, candlesticks (altar and processional), crucifixes, stations of the cross, nativity scenes, reed organs, altar implements, processional crosses, coffin, coffin holders, coffin used for anniversary funerary masses, incensors, altars, and sanctuary lamps. Read more about the museum’s original statuary.

We are pleased to feature a selection from our collection. Provenance, and a precise or approximate date for artifacts will be included only if known.

Noise Maker: Wood, used in lieu of bells between Good Friday and Easter Vigil. Photo: DP Noise Maker: Wood, 33 inches high; used in lieu of bells between Good Friday and Easter Vigil. Photo: DP Cemetery marker: Wood, 40 inches high. Photo: DP Cemetery Marker: Marble, 26 inches high. Photo: DP
Stained Glass Window Pane: Painted glass, lead, Medieval time period, 4 1/8 inches by 4 1/8 inches (pane only) France (medieval cathedral); painted figure of St. Benedict with lettering 'Benedictus nonus.' Photo: DP Crown: Metal, paste gems, paint. Photo: DP Cornerstone: Marble; original cornerstone of the museum building. Photo: DP Cross: Wood, Photo: DP
Altar: 8 feet wide by 10 feet high (additional 4 feet with statue of Notre Dame du Mont-Carmel) Photo: DP Monstrance: Brass, gold, glass, 35 inches high. Photo: DP Angel Sculpture with Incensor: Plaster, metal, 65 inches high, Québec. Photo: DP Daughter of Wisdom Statuette: Plaster, paint, 6 inches high; typically, the family of a woman who went into an Order received a statuette – this one commemorates becoming a nun at the convent of Mont-Carmel. Photo: DP
Angel Carving: Wood, 7.5 inches high; made by Aurelle Collin, Lille, ME. Photo: DP Crown for Wooden Statue: Painted wood, 21 1/2 inches high, Québec. Photo: DP Tabernacle Cover: Wood, 32 inches high, Livermore, ME; fragment of a Gothic altar. Photo: DP Rosary beads: Wood, nuts, metal. 33 inches long. Photo: DP
Host maker: Metal, 27 inches long; used like a waffle iron to make communion wafers. Photo: DP