Guidelines to Donate Historic Items

Your gift of an historic item to the Musée culturel du Mont-Carmel (MCMC) will help support our mission, which is to preserve and make accessible objects or documents about Acadian and French Canadian history and culture in the St. John Valley of northern Maine.

To donate an historic item, please follow these guidelines:

  • Contact the museum director before sending items.
  • Ensure that your name and contact information is included with items that you wish to donate.
  • If you are donating for tax purposes, it is your responsibility to have the item(s) appraised before donating to the MCMC. We do not conduct appraisals.
  • All items must be compatible with our mission: “the preservation and development of Acadian and Québecois culture and history in the St. John Valley of northern Maine.”
  • We accept historic documents (books, music, manuscripts, etc.), pine furniture (armoirs, chairs, altar pieces, etc.), artifacts (domestic, occupational, and religious, etc.), textiles, and photographs (images of this former Church, the rectory, etc.). The museum director will determine the item’s relevance to the collection and reserves the right to decline a donation.
  • It is very helpful to include as much information about the item you are donating (e.g. the name of the item, its origin, who has owned it, etc.)
  • Gifts to the museum will be made without restrictions with the title of the item transferred to MCMC. The MCMC is operated by the Association culturelle et historique du Mont-Carmel, which is a 501 c (3) nonprofit organization.

For more information on making a donation of an historic item, contact Don Cyr, Director, Musée Culturel du Mont-Carmel, PO Box 150, Lille, Maine 04746-0150 207-895-3339