Future Plans

Restoration and preservation are on-going efforts for the Musée culturel du Mont-Carmel. Success is possible only through grants and financial support from people like you. We invite you to be a part of shaping a strong future.

Efforts in Restoration and Preservation
The Musée culturel du Mont-Carmel’s plan for restoration and long-term improvements includes such activities as the restoration of the sanctuary and chapel interior, leveling the center basement auditorium, installing a heating system, building additional restrooms, constructing permanent exhibit spaces, and upgrading entrances. The total estimated cost for the completion of the restoration and preservation of the museum, including attention to other buildings in the museum complex, is $795,000.

Heating System
  • Purchase and install radiant in-floor heating system
Estimated cost: $250,000

Heating the museum has been very expensive over the years. To address these costs, plans are to install a radiant in-floor heating system. Extensive research has revealed a number of options that may be viable for the museum, such as geo-thermal and solar.

Basement and Performance Space
  • Floor repaired, replaced by terracing for stage and seating, heating tubes installed
  • Multi-unit restroom constructed with handicapped accessibility, storage facilities and dressing rooms
  • Auditorium retrofitted with fire resistant sheet rock and finished to replicate existing surfaces
  • Chair lift installed on the railing running along the stairwell; windows replaced
Estimated cost: $100,000

When restoration is completed, there will be three auditoriums that can seat a total of 825 people (main sanctuary - 450; chapel - 125, basement theatre – 250). This will allow multiple events to happen at the same time as well as space for conferences and special exhibitions. Plans are to restore a former hotel northwest as a guesthouse for performers.

  • Restore stencils on ceiling
  • Level and refinish hardwood floor
  • Restore original altar and platform to original condition
  • Replicate and install communion rail
Estimated cost: $10,000

  • Remove tin from ceilings; restore original plaster where possible (re-install tin if plaster proves irreparable)
  • Make area more handicap accessible
  • Scrape and paint inside towers and interior surfaces of windows
  • Interior signage system (including chapel)
Estimated cost: $45,000

Entrances and Landscaping
  • Landscape front entrance including signage system
  • Replace front concrete stairs with original style wooden stairs (handicap accessible)
  • Enhance all entrances for easier access (basement entrance will have a chair lift when funds allow)
  • Insulate foundation below ground level to guard against heat loss
Estimated cost: $35,000

Former Rectory
  • Scrape exterior and repaint to original colors (deep grey with beige trim and barn red ornamentation)
Estimated cost: $20,000

Gallery (former Parent general store)
  • Build peaked roof, add additional floor
  • Install solar cells
  • Construct exhibition space on both levels (includes wiring, accessibility, lighting)
  • Build handicap restrooms
Estimated cost: $175,000

In 2009 Don Cyr donated the former Lawrence Parent General Store in Lille to the ACHMC. Built in the early 1960s, the building operated as a general and hardware store, laundromat, post office, and bank. It had four apartments and a campground. Soon after purchasing the building, the main floor was converted to a gallery to showcase contemporary and traditional art (publications, and related cultural material, will be for sale) The former upstairs apartments will be an exhibition space for the Folk Collection (Acadian and French Canadian material culture).

Maison Benomé Dubé
  • Deconstruction and storage of the dwelling
Estimated cost: $20,000

The ACHMC acquired the former Benomé Dubé House, situated across from the old hotel on U.S. Route 1 in Lille. This private dwelling will be deconstructed, photographed and catalogued for reconstruction at a later date. This is an 11th hour rescue as the roof is caving in.