The Musée culturel du Mont-Carmel has close to thirty statues. Relatively in good shape and most made of plaster with polychrome, they still require varying degrees of restoration. For the majority of them, this means repainting flaked surface areas with artist’s oil paint and refilling areas of lost plaster. For others that are covered in tin (e.g. four Jobin sculptures), they will scraped and where required, the tin will be repaired with solder and repoussé lead (hammered from the back). The sculptures of the Twelve Apostles sit in niches 30-feet above the building floor. Restoration work on them will occur when scaffolding is in place to scrape the cornice and remove tin from the ceiling. This permits restoration work of the sculptures to take place in situ, especially fitting since they have never been removed from their niche high above the nave.

Statues in the museum’s collection include the twelve apostles, Our Lady of Mont-Carmel, St. Joseph, St. Anne, Sacred Heart of Jesus, a crucifix with a life size statue of Jesus, St. Anthony, St. Christopher, Immaculate Conception, Our Lady of the Assumption, Our Lady of Lords, St. Cecilia, eight angels, and various smaller statues. The Apostle sculptures are located on the cornice of the central nave 30 feet up from the floor. They were not in the original plans for the building. The builder, Léonide Gagné of Edmundston, modified the design adding window niches for the Apostle sculptures. Click here for more details about the museum's collection of statues.

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