Reaching High
When the angel sculptures were returned to the two towers in September 2000, only enough funds were left to paint part of the domes. The cost of paint and the $800/day fee to rent the eighty-foot lift proved too much. It took five years for funds to be secured to complete the painting of the domes and the columns.

Instead of using an 80-foot lift, specialized scaffolding was built to do the work on the domes. The scaffolding was built using recycled materials from another restoration project (efficient use of every dollar received). The scaffolding was designed to function around the columns of the domes with an elaborate framework of multilevel platforms. While up there, assessment was made of replacing the balustrades that surround the towers. Long-life elastomeric paint was applied to the existing galvanized steel roofs. The repair and restoration of the towers was completed in 2008.

Funders and Supporters

  • Maine Acadian Heritage Council
  • Audrey and Larry Thibodeau


  • Terry Helms
  • Marc Garcia
  • Don Cyr