The Musée culturel du Mont-Carmel has an extensive collection of handcrafted pine furniture from the St. John Valley in Maine. The collection includes numerous chairs made with designs from the 12th century. Unless otherwise noted, the provenance of furniture is the St. John Valley. A precise or approximate date will be included only if known.

We are pleased to feature a selection from our collection.

Prie-dieu (Kneeler): Wood, 34.5 inches high. Photo: DP Rocking Chair: Pine, painted with cut out designs. Photo: DP Rocking Chair: Pine, blue paint. Photo: DP Armoire: Pine, pink paint, 84 inches high, Cyr Family. Photo: DP
Armoire with double door: Pine, green paint, 1880s, 82.5 inches high, Corriveau Family. Frenchville, ME. Photo: DP Armoire: Pine wood, black paint, 1890s, 78 inches high, Deschaine Family, Fort Kent, ME; carved with fancy brackets and diamond door decorations, black paint with 'sang-do-boeuf' red decorations. Photo: DP Armoire: Pine, c. 1870; with collection of woolen blankets and catalognes. Photo: DP Armoire: Pine, green and blue paint, 1820s, 80 inches high, Lizotte/Gendreau Family, Grand Isle, ME; personal messages are written on the inside of the doors. Photo: DP
Step-back Cupboard: Pine, beige and red paint, 1880s, 78 inches high. Corriveau Family, Frenchville, ME. Photo: DP Stack of Chests: Pine, painted various colors. Photo: DP