Photos and Documents

Documents at the Musée culturel du Mont-Carmel include:

  • Original plans of the Notre-Dame du Mont-Carmel Catholic Church
  • Original Carmelite charter
  • Documents pertaining to local history (e.g., newspaper and magazine clippings, manuscripts of stories, drawings, paintings)
  • Books on local history (e.g., Native American tribes, history of French Canada, Acadian history, history of St. John Valley, regional folklore)
  • Religious books from local convents from 17th century
  • Choral music from the former Notre-Dame du Mont-Carmel parish (in French and Latin)
  • Documents in French from original convent (including plays that were staged, poetry, recipes, original composed music)
  • Cahier made by local girls featuring regional folkloric music
  • Financial records of the Cyr Potato Company (a local farm from the early 20th century)
  • French Canadian instrumental and vocal music
  • Cassette tapes of local singers, storytellers and musicians
  • Ida Roy’s collection of French Canadian and Acadian folk music (a photocopy of 110 notebooks – approx. 10,000 pages)
  • Local traditional recipe books and family recipes