Original Statuary

All statues are made of plaster with polychrome unless otherwise noted.


  • Our Lady of Mont Carmel - By Louis Jobin, on platform over front door (gift of Thomas Thibodeau)
  • Statue of St. Cecilia - The patron saint of music, on niche above the double doors on the northwest portal
  • Archangel Gabriel - Replica of original by Louis Jobin, fiberglass (gift of Florent Sanfacon)
  • Archangel Michael - Replica of original by Louis Jobin, fiberglass (gift of Patrick Theriault)
  • Virgin Mary of Lourdes - marble (currently under restoration)


  • Archangel Gabriel and Archangel Michael - By Louis Jobin, wood and covered with lead and tin, next to side altars (awaiting restoration). Replicas of the original angels are made of concrete placed in vestibule.
  • Our Lady of Mont Carmel - on the altar above the tabernacle
  • St. Joseph - originally it was placed on the right side of the altar and then moved to an exterior niche on west side of building, currently under restoration (it will be eventually replaced to its original location)
  • St. Joseph - By Louis Jobin, hammered copper with polychrome, on altar
  • St. Christopher - on altar
  • St. Anne and young Virgin Mary - on altar
  • St. Anthony with Christ Child - on altar
  • St. Theresa of Lisseux - on altar
  • Angel with incensor - in northwest portal
  • Crucifix with Corpus - plaster and wood, attached to a column at front of building
  • Virgin Mary - life size (under restoration)
  • Two kneeling angels - on altar

Twelve Apostles in the Clerestory
Sculptures of the Twelve Apostles are located on the cornice of the central nave 30 feet up from the floor. They were not in the original plans for the building. They are made of plaster with polychrome. The builder, Léonide Gagné of Edmundston, modified the design adding window niches for the Apostle sculptures.

Right side (Epistle)

  • St. John (Gospel Book) gift of Society of Mary (Marist Fathers)
  • St. James the Great (Shepherd’s Crook) gift of Xavier Cyr
  • St. Philip (Cross) gift of Denis Morneault
  • St. Thomas (Bevel) gift of Exibert Soucy
  • St. Simon (Saw) gift of Catholic Foresters
  • St. Jude (Spear) gift of Marie Thibodeau, Josephine and Winnifred Lavasseur

Left Side (Gospel)

  • St. Peter (Keys) gift of Tancrede Dionne
  • St. Andres (Sawhorse) gift of Benjamin Thibodeau
  • St. Bartholomew (Dagger) gift of Remi Morneault
  • St. Matthew (Gospel Scroll) gift of Ladies of Ste-Anne
  • St. James the Less (Walking Stick) gift of Sodality of Mary
  • St. Matthias [Jude] (Axe) gift of Mrs. Florent Sanfacon